Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite you to the Brisbane Functional Colorectal Conference, to be held at Stamford Plaza, Brisbane on March 15-16 2019.

As dedicated pelvic floor units are being set up across Australia & New Zealand there is an increase in interest in this field and an ever enlarging array of treatment options for patients with defecatory dysfunction.

On March 15-16 2019 we have secured a group of highly regarded international & local speakers and promise an exciting meeting with current controversies, debates and real-life case discussions. Our international guests include Carolynne Vaizey from St. Marks, Bruno Roche from Geneva, Peter Christensen from Denmark, Carlo Ratto from Rome and Gabriele Naldini from Pisa, all of whom are heads of well known academic pelvic floor units and are widely published.

Carolynne Vaizey will speak on outcome measures in pelvic floor surgery. Bruno Roche has novel ideas on the role of puborectalis repair in incontinence and will also talk on his experience of pudendal nerve release for chronic pain. Peter Christensen will discuss irrigation options as an expert in this field. Carlo Ratto has a particular interest in techniques for faecal incontinence including Sphinkeeper, and Gabriele Naldini will talk about latest technology in STARR surgery. Local guests include Rowan Collinson, Andrew Stevenson, Caroline Wright and Darren Gold.

The meeting will feature workshops on transanal irrigation techniques, biofeedback, EMG, rectal balloon testing, STARR technique and the Integral Theory of pelvic floor dysfunction - and much more.

We hope to see you in Brisbane in March.


Kind regards

Andrea Warwick & Chris Gillespie 
2019 Conference Organising Committee   


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Dr Carolynne Vaizey

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, St Mark's Hospital
London, United Kingdom

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Dr Bruno Roche

Head of Procto-Perineal Unit
Geneva University Hospital, Geneva, Switzerland

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Prof Peter Christensen

Professor, Pelvic Floor Surgery
Aarhus University Hospital, Aarhus, Denmark

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Professor Carlo Ratto

Professor of Surgery,
Catholic University of Rome, Rome, Italy

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Dr Gabriele Naldini

Chief of Departement Unit of Proctological and Perineal Surgery,
University Hospital, Pisa, Italy

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Dr Rowan Collinson

Colorectal and General Surgeon,
Auckland City Hosptial, Auckland, New Zealand

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A/ Prof Andrew Stevenson

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon, Director Colorectal Surgery Royal Brisbane Hospital, Assoc. Prof. Uni of Queensland

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Dr Darren Gold

Specialist Colorectal Surgeon, Senior Lecturer in Surgery at St Vincent's Clinical School, Sydney

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We would like to invite you to submit clinical cases for discussion. Please consider submitting a case which illustrates a dilemma, difficulty or topic of interest in a powerpoint format.

Shorter cases which relate to the scientific programme are preferred. We will certainly consider longer cases also but we may recommend that you edit them significantly. You may wish to consider the format below.

Please avoid presentations of research, excessive background, needless complexity or more than a brief reference to the literature.

Cases presentations should ideally run for no more than 5 minutes and should incorporate a question or questions for the audience. Images are encouraged. Please send them to Andrea Warwick as soon as possible as those received first will get priority. Email your presentation to Andrea Warwick - or contact her with any queries.

Case Powerpoint Template

- Title 1 slide 
- Background 1 slide
- Assessment  1 slide
- Investigations/ initial treatment  1-2 slides
- The dilemma 1 slide
- Treatment 1 slide
- Outcome 1 slide
- Learning point 1 slide

  Submit Case Presentation


Peristeen Anal Irrigation Workshop (1 hour)

Date: Saturday 16th March 2019
Time: 1.30pm - 2.30pm

Facilitators: Coloplast Clinical Nurse Consultants Gabby Pragnaratne, Byron Hudson and Irene Kemp


Transanal Irrigation is a process of facilitating the evacuation of faeces from the bowel by passing water into the bowel via the anus in a quantity sufficient to reach the transverse colon. It can be used for multiple reasons including for people who suffer with faecal incontinence or obstructive defaecation. Peristeen anal Irrigation provides an integrated purpose built bowel irrigation system for transanal irrigation, consisting of a coated rectal balloon catheter, a control unit including a manual pump and a water container. 

Coloplast’s Clinical Nurses will be running a one hour training session where clinicians will be shown Peristeen anal irrigation with the opportunity to get certification on how to teach and train people in its use. Completion of a two hour online eLearning module on the use of Peristeen will be required for those clinicians wishing to be certified in the use of this technique. The online training can be completed either prior to or shortly after the practical session and will lead to the clinician being certified and accredited for up to 12 months in the technique. This will be recognised with a formal certificate of completion confirming competency in this area. This session is open to ALL clinicians who want to learn more about anal irrigation, whether or not they will teach the technique or not. Certification will be open to those clinicians that work directly in this area, ideally within a pelvic floor team or for those who treat people with neurogenic bowel dysfunction and/or suffering from chronic faecal incontinence or chronic constipation.  

To be formally registered to and be issued your login details for the Peristeen eLearning online module prior to attendance, please ensure that you indicate this when registering for the Workshop.


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 Early Bird registrations close 31st January 2019

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